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“Thanks for doing that for our school. The kids loved it! I know the kids loved the balloon animals very much!!!” Julie, elementary school picnic, San Jose

The customer was happy with what balloon twisting her budget allowed. But with more time and more staff, all the kids could have gotten what they requested.

This is what a highly-skilled balloon artist can do within one hour with 100 kids.

I can do “magic” in this context – make a ton of balloons and give moderate coverage. I have been making balloons for more than 2 decades – and can make sculptures as fast as lightning. However as you see, only some kids got the balloons. Even if the cost to hire a balloon artist is moderate, it’ll be beneficial for “more smiles per hour”

Rule of Thumb:
Each balloon animal sculpture typically takes 2-3 minutes in normal situations.

An additional balloon twister will give more coverage and more smiles!

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