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Balloons brings smiles – with any age, from young to old. No question there?

This 11 year old boy watched me throughout the whole event. He watched me from afar, though he was clearly checking out what I was doing.

Having entertained small and large crowds with balloon making for over 15 years, I notice trends and behaviors in my audiences. This boy’s reactions were very, very typical. I can only guess that in his head, he may have been curious but letting the younger kids get their balloons first. He also could be thinking, “balloons are just FOR little kids”.

And without missing a beat, he did something that most 11 year old boys and girls often do at my events. They approach me after the event, after the balloons are all packed. “What can you make?” “How do you tie balloons so fast?” “How long have you been doing this?” They always filled with questions, and very interactive at that point.

Personal Interaction
I gave him a few minutes of my time, unbothered by anything else going on at the event. He smiled every time I interacted with him after that. I knew he appreciated that.

Teaching Moment
This young man had played with balloon twisting a little in the past. So when he asked me to make something, I offered to teach him some balloon art instead. Though it was short and brief, he felt great because he made the balloon sculpture that he began to play with.

Balloon entertainment is great for any age!

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